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Created on: April 7th, 2012

Currently: on the train.

We have received an audition for Ducky, with a second choice of Princess Luna! If you would like to audition for either of these characters, please do so before Wednesday, July 30th, 5:00 P.M. Central Time.

Anonymous: do you think you could put up wall-e's bio up soon? I hate to rush but IZ love this rpg and would love to audition for him

We’ll get him up as soon as we can, definitely! Mod Tia will be rewriting him once she has the time, and he’ll hopefully be up very soon!

Mod Clopin

We have received an audition for Lottie La Bouff, with a second choice of Megara! If you would like to audition for either of these characters, please do so before Tuesday, July 29th, 5:00 P.M. Central Time.

Anonymous: Is Anna from Frozen around?

We do have a bio for Anna from Frozen, but she’s currently down for tweaking and an FC change. We’ll try to get her up as soon as possible though!

Mod Clopin

Anonymous: Why not fifi? :(

While Fifi isn’t an inaccurate name for her, as it’s the one given to her in the sequels, it’s just a matter of preference. We decided that we preferred the name Babette, which is the name given to her in the Broadway Musical and House of Mouse (to add more confusion, she’s also occasionally given the name Marie). The mods just did a little tweaking on her, and as most of us knew her by Babette, not Fifi, that’s the name we decided to select for her. If you’d like to come off anon though, we’d be more than happy to discuss changing her name back and make sure her bio gets out sooner.

Mod Clopin

Anonymous: I may consider applying for Fifi! Who have you got in mind for her fc though? :)

Awesome, we’d love to have your audition once we post her! Just be aware we are to be calling her Babette rather than Fifi (it’s a change we made recently,) but her FC is Kiko Mizuhara!

-Mod Tia

Anonymous: What new characters have had their bios written? I'm just wondering what new bios there are to expect :)

This is a bit of a tricky question, because right now, there’s a lot of stuff going on when it comes to bios— although much of it has been halted to focus on the event. At the moment, we have quite a few revamped bios done, including Esmeralda, Nuka, and Vitani. Nuka and Vitani may have to wait a little longer because of outlying circumstances, but they should be up soon enough. As for ‘new’ bios, I’ve made a start on Lady Kluck, Randall, and Vixey. We also have Fifi finished, but her bio needs a few tweaks before being posted. We have a handful more completed that I’m waiting for my other mods to get to me as well, including Milo Thatch, Mike Wazowski, and Bob Parr.

If you’re looking for one bio in particular, it definitely helps if you come off anon and let us know who you’re interested in. Knowing that someone is eager to play them will help. ;]

Mod Clopin

Captain Gantu | Lilo & Stitch | 39 | Security | Dwayne Johnson | Open

"I'll get you, you little Trog!"

Personality Traits:

(+) Positive: loyal, persistent, strong-willed.
(-) Negative: ruthless, stubborn, temperamental.


Captain Gantu has never been known to make arguably moral choices but his determination, eagerness to please and his loyalty has overcome almost any questionable decision he’s ever made. His mother with the military and his father the Chief of their local police, Gantu has always lived in a strict environment. He always followed orders, always made sure never to put a toe out of line lest he get reprimanded for it. He was raised to respect his superiors and the laws they lived by. 

Growing up, Gantu never had many friends. He was teacher’s pet. Hall monitor. Principal’s aid. He liked to keep himself at the top and knowing this, most of the other children weren’t too fond of being around him. While in school, Gantu was never shy about turning in other students who he felt needed a little punishment. Cheating, horseplay, vandalism, skipping classes, having illegal substances on campus. Gantu had a way of seeing everything and he was never above using it to his advantage. He’d always been a bit selfish and more than a bit of a brute but he was a strong leader too with a sense of loyalty. What friends he did manage to have were always quick to have his back, even help him out with his duties when they had the time. 

Despite his average grades, his parents were proud of the name their son was making for himself among his teachers. Though, they weren’t aware of the rogue-ish way he went about earning their respect.

At his mother’s request, Gantu had placed himself in the ROTC program through high school but as soon as he’d graduated he knew exactly what career he wanted to pursue. The day he became a police officer was possibly one of the proudest moment’s of Gantu’s life. A chance to uphold the law and help to rid the world of the scum that would break it. It came easy to Gantu. The drills and protocols. The standard rules of the badge and the responsibility that came with it. His father had taught him everything about it all since he was a boy. Naturally Gantu excelled at his job. Whether he be out in the field, tracking speeders on the highway or stuck behind a desk at the office everything was done in a timely and seemingly orderly manner, impressing not only his superiours but also his colleagues. But his habit of being brutish had unfortunately failed to grow out of him, even developing into one or two accusations of police brutality that failed to hold due to the lack of evidence against him. To Gantu, having to break a rule or two in order to apprehend a criminal really wasn’t breaking rules at all. It was simply doing what he had to.

Promotion didn’t take long. Years of dedication and hard work helped Gantu on his way into the position of Police Captain, a title he held with much pride. It was a great honor to be part of leading the future generation of police officers, even if his time in the field was cut down to mostly overseeing of the office and detectives. Things were well. Things were perfect even. Until he happened. 

A local troublemaker. In and out of the cell for years for reckless behavior, nearly every veteraned officer was familiar with him but the man had never been considered anything more than a nuisance until a report came in. He’d been the direct suspect to an “accident” that had started a fire and  killed more than four people and had to be brought in. Gantu naturally volunteered to bring him in, and after hours in an interrogation room, pulled a confession from him. 

Everything was fine until the time came to transport the criminal to his new prison.

Somehow, under Gantu’s watch, the man stole a police cruiser and got away. 

Angry and ashamed of his carelessness, Captain Gantu was the first to start a search party. He wasn’t going to let that monster get away from him so easily. His superiours were disappointed in him and that was something that he was not used to. Gantu was a large man but under the disapproval of his colleagues, and worse of all his father, he’d never felt more minuscule. This was something that he needed to fix. A wrong that needed to be righted and he would not eat or sleep until his monster was found. Literally. As weeks passed, Gantu’s obsession with finding the one that got away became more of a cloud over the rest of his duties, both professional and personal. The good captain was wearing himself thin, driving himself mad with his search to the point where it was becoming a giant problem with the work that needed to be done.

To his dismay, Gantu was forced into suspension until he had cleaned himself up. It would be good for him they said. No. What it was was a waste. He needed the resources at the office to find his missing man. The only thing he had to go on was that the criminal was on the move but without the income to afford gasoline, there was no way he would be risking taking the drive himself.

It all happened by chance. A help wanted notice for security posted on the fence in front of the carnival grounds. A traveling carnival. Gantu wouldn’t be captain here but it was a source of income. A way to get around. A way to find the runaway before he hurt someone else. And Scar was more than willing to offer him the job.

Life Under the Big Top:

Gantu works security for the carnival. His rogue approach to vandals constantly has to be kept in check but it’s just like his days of being a police officer again. Gantu’s used to being in charge and in some cases he can be more than a little confrontational, but when it comes to Calhoun, Gantu is quick to fall back into being respectful. The carnies are tiresome and some days he can barely handle the disorder of the carnival but the trail is warm and as long as he can board on the train, he has a chance of following it.


Kin: N/a.

Superior: Calhoun.

Colleagues: Calhoun, E. Aster Bunnymund, Frollo, James Norrington, Phoebus.


(x) (x) (x) (x)

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Hey guys! We’re adding a slight change to applications and to the way we tag things, so just to keep y’all updated here you go!

  • We’ve made sure there is a section for preferred pronouns on the app. Please message your preferred pronouns to the main and let us know and we’ll make sure the others know as well.

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Also, if you all don’t mind, we are changing the way we tag triggers. Instead of ‘tw: trigger' now we're going to tagging it as 'trigger tw' to make sure that anything black listed is caught for those who don't want to see it. So please please please make sure to change the way you're tagging triggers.

That’s all! 

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