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Created on: April 7th, 2012

Currently: in Oslo, Norway.

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Anonymous: Have you guys considered adding Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy? Since it's part of disney now I thought Rocket would be a fun and funny person to add to the carnival as a snarky Mechanic?

We do believe that we’ll be adding characters from Marvel, including Rocket! We’re not certain if it will be any time soon as we have so many other characters planned, but we are thinking about what we can do with them!

Mod Clopin

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Welcome to the Carnival Randy, you have received the role of Oswald! Please send in their URL within the next 48 hours and make sure your ask and submit are open!

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We have received an audition for Oswald! If you would like to audition for this character, please do so before Tuesday, September 9th, 5:00 P.M. Central Time.

No smoking. No villainous schemes. And no guests eating other guests.

  • FC: William Moseley
  • Age: 23
  • BirthdayUp to player
  • Job: Poster Boy/Greeter
  • Gender Identity & Pronouns: Identifies as male; pronouns are he/him/his/himself
  • OrientationUp to player
  • Status: Open for auditions
  • Gifs(x) (x) (x) (x)
Personality Traits

Mickey’s just about one of the friendliest guys you’ll ever meet. You’d be hard pressed to be his enemy— and even people he’s enemies with will find it difficult to push him to a point where he won’t forgive you. Mickey just comes across very human— nothing fake, nothing pretentious.

Mickey grew up in a family of four— his mother, his father, and an older brother. He had a happy childhood, and spent most of his days with his parents. He was a polite child, and adults loved him, and he made a lot of friends. He was good at a lot of the things he tried— and if he wasn’t good at them, he got an A for effort.

Despite having a big brother, Mickey very rarely got to see him. Oswald always avoided him, except for holidays and family gatherings. He found himself disappointed by this. Mickey was very eager to get to know his cool older brother, but he never got the chance. Whenever the two were at home together, it wouldn’t be long before their dad would come and whisk Mickey away for an outing or to show him the ropes of the family business.

While Mickey loved his dad’s business, he felt a little guilty, because he always got the sinking feeling that Oswald would have liked it a lot more. But the other never said anything, and was always irritable when Mickey tried to talk to him, so he left it alone, in case he further alienated his brother.

He was troubled to see when Oswald started getting multiple phone calls home from school, and getting arrested. He knew his dad’s behaviour was bothering his brother, but whenever he tried to talk to his dad, he got a promise that it’d be taken care of, but it never did. So he settled for doing his best to watch Oswald’s back, and unsuccessfully trying to get him to open up to him.

Oswald settled down a bit to focus on college, and Mickey could breathe somewhat of a sigh of relief, and focus on learning how to take over his father’s small time film company. For a while they stayed apart, both focusing on their separate things, and some of the tension in the household eased.

But one day, Mickey, in need of a shirt, slipped into Oswald’s room to borrow one, and was distracted by the beautiful frames of animation and the storyboarding and the character design Oswald was working on for an independent animated film for his college course. Fascinated, Mickey couldn’t help but stop and leaf through it, knowing that Oswald would kill him if he found him snooping through his room.

But as he straightened to go, something much worse happened. He accidentally knocked into a shelf, sending a jar of paint thinner teetering off it, where it smashed on the desk. The work that Oswald had been compiling for transport was soaked, and ruined.

Mickey tried his best to fix his mistake, frantic, but it couldn’t be done, and Oswald came in before he could do anything. He knew from the expression on Oswald’s face that things between them were now damaged beyond belief— he’d ruined almost four years of Oswald’s life. He hadn’t meant to, but Oswald didn’t see it that way. He broke his nose, and then he was gone, leaving everything behind.

Mickey was distraught. His dad couldn’t understand why he was upset, but the memory ate away at him as easily as the paint thinner had ruined the drawings. Where he was supposed to be focusing on learning his dad’s trade, he found himself wondering where Oswald had gotten to.

One day, the curiosity got the better of him, and Mickey packed a bag and fled in the dark of night before his dad could change his mind, off to find his estranged brother.

Life Under the Big Top:

Mickey’s found himself once more in the awkward position of getting a better job than his brother. While he knows that art is one of Oswald’s passions, he also knows that he wants his fair share of time in the limelight, and once more, Mickey won the role over him.

Mickey was hired for his natural charisma and people skills. And maybe for his handsome face. He’s the poster boy of the Carnival— literally. He’s used as the face for most of the Carnival’s posters and billboards— it’s easiest to use one person than to pull multiple into the task.

When Mickey isn’t modeling for the posters, he’s out greeting as many guests as he can. He loves socializing and meeting new people, and tries to make as many people’s days as possible. It helps that he’s very recognizable from some of the Carnival’s advertising.

  • OSWALD - Mickey’s older brother, who’s as emotionally far away from him as the earth is from the sun. Mickey wants nothing more than to bridge this gap, but it seems like there’s nothing he can do to fix it. Oswald hates him, plain and simple. Mickey still holds onto the hope though that Oswald can start seeing him as a brother again, and not his enemy.
  • PLUTO - Mickey and Pluto get along famously. They’re both magnetic personalities in their own way, and are a cheery duo to see around the Carnival. They sometimes butt heads, but they always make up.

Kin: N/a.

Superior: Lotso, Zazu.

Colleagues: Pending.

I used to have a heart— before you replaced me.

  • FC: Chris Colfer
  • Age: 27
  • Birthday: September 5th, 1987
  • Job: Carnival Promotion
  • Gender Identity & Pronouns: Identifies as male; pronouns are he/him/his/himself
  • Orientation: Demiromantic Gray-Asexual
  • Status: Taken by Randy
  • Gifs: (x) (x) (x) (x)
Personality Traits

Oswald, with the constant frown on his face and the constant sarcastic remark to be made. There are others like him, but there’s no one that could replace him. Unfortunately, Oswald doesn’t believe that. His whole life, he’s been nothing but replaced and forgotten, and the chip on his shoulder is all but welded in place.

Oswald was the oldest son of his family, and for a while, that was good. He was happy, he was bright, and he felt loved. He was the apple of his parents’ eyes. He loved his mother, but he was his dad’s boy, and he was always trying to walk in his father’s shoes.

When he was four, his little brother was born, and at first, Oswald was excited. It was only a little thing, but it’d grow up to be his brother, and Oswald had always wanted a brother. Brothers were family, and so were his mom and dad, and he loved them, so a brother was just more to love, right?

Well, it didn’t work out that way. Once Mickey was born, everything became busy and confusing, and it seemed like Oswald was always getting brushed to the side. If the parents went out to parties, they’d take Mickey with them, who never cried or fussed, and leave Oswald behind with a babysitter, who still sometimes cried and fussed despite being four years older.

When he was eleven, they forgot to get him a babysitter altogether. And from that point on, Oswald got used to being alone and taking care of himself. And while he was left at home alone while his family went to parties and movies, Oswald had the time to brood and grow bitter. And grow bitter he did.

He watched as his father went through the same exact steps he’d taken with Oswald— teaching him how to play baseball, taking him fishing, going to every school play, pruning Mickey to do everything he’d taught Oswald to do. Except the difference was that Mickey was a lot better at it. Mickey knew how to hit homeruns, could actually catch fish and— well, at least Oswald was a better actor than Mickey was. But Mickey had a more fitting face for main roles, and Oswald was always shuffled off to the eccentric or humourous roles.

Oswald grew to hate his brother. He couldn’t see anything about him that was worth the fuss. And his personality was annoyingly cheerful compared to Oswald’s grumpy demeanor.

So while Mickey was spending time with their dad being pruned to take over the smalltime film company he owned, Oswald was out getting into trouble with teachers and racking up a criminal record. He’d hit the point where he’d do anything for his dad to notice him, and was arrested multiple times for misdemeanors. But instead of his dad showing up to bail him out, the face he was met with was always Mickey’s, giving him a sympathetic smile and trying to get him to talk with him. Oswald always brushed him off and walked straight past him for the silent car ride home.

So Oswald eventually settled for the idea that he’d be ignored by all of his family but Mickey, who he didn’t even want to talk to, and instead began to focus his energy towards the college major he wanted to pursue.

He spent three years working on an independent animated film, because if he couldn’t be apart of his dad’s business, he’d build his own. As he drew nearer to finishing it up as his final project for the last semester of college to showcase all the skills he’d learned, disaster struck.

Mickey snuck into Oswald’s bedroom to borrow a shirt, his laundry all dirty, and he paused for a moment to look at the hand-drawn project Oswald had been compiling. While straightening up, he accidentally bumped into a shelf, and knocked an entire jar of paint thinner off it. It shattered on the desk, soaking the project and ruining it.

Oswald was devastated. He’d poured his soul into this project— it had been the only thing that kept his humour tethered to him, that sometimes left him in a good mood. He didn’t even have the words to express his anger to Mickey. He socked him in the face, and walked out, not bothering to gather his things. He had better places to waste his time.

Life Under the Big Top:

Oswald was hired to work on the Carnival Promotion team. He works alongside Toulouse, and under Lucifer, drawing posters for the Carnival. Although Oswald keeps a caustic attitude about everything, he actually feels relieved to have found the Carnival. He can call it his own, and doesn’t have to share it with Mickey. He’s still very bitter though, and conversations with him can go from fine to biting in three-point-five.

  • MICKEY - Oswald’s brother, and the one person he loathes more than anyone. He blames so much of his unhappiness on Mickey that he’s furious that Mickey’s followed him to the Carnival. He sees Mickey’s arrival as him trying to sponge up more of the spotlight, and Oswald just wants him gone.
  • NUKA - Oswald is incredibly sympathetic to Nuka. He understands what it’s like to be forgotten and shoved to the side in favour of your sibling, and while the two don’t get along spectacularly because of how surly they both are, they at least seem to have some sort of respect for each other.

Kin: Mickey Mouse.


Colleagues: Toulouse.

Anonymous: Same anon here, Matthew Goode as Pongo from 101 Dalmatians or Bert from Mary Poppins?

We can work Matthew in the rp! And we’re leaning towards Pongo with him out of your suggestions but it doesn’t have to be a definite thing, so if you want to come off anon and discuss with us more about his fc/backstory, we’d be happy to talk it out with you and move Matthew’s character up the list of bios to get done!

Thank you for your inbox and your suggestions!

-Mod Tia

Now that we’re out of the event, here’s your second task! Remember, these tasks are optional character development, and we plan on having them weekly!

Your task this week is to keep an in-character journal! Every day for a week, write about your character’s mood, feelings, anything that happened in their day, from their point of view. If your character is not naturally inclined to gush their feelings, even to a diary, find subtle ways to tell how their mood was throughout the day. They might comment on having to clean up a glass they accidentally threw— an accident that might have happened when they were angry or upset, or so excitedly animated it slipped through their hands.

For extra oomph, don’t just write about their interactions on dash that day! Write about little details that probably wouldn’t come up on dash at all— what they had for lunch when their favourite food was out, where they found the other shoe that eluded them in the morning. Give it some thought to add some realism!

These can be any length you like, and can be posted daily. Tag it with ddctask2 to keep track of it.

Anonymous: Do you have Colin O'donoghue as a FC? Preferably Hook? :)

We do have a Colin O’Donoghue fc as our Bunnymund from Rise of the Guardians, and he’s unfortunately taken. However, we have someone in mind for Hook who we think has the same exact vibe as Colin, and a similar look, but will also be a unique spin on the character. If you’d like to see our Hook bumped up, just let us know!

Mod Clopin

Anonymous: Your casting for Yzma is a little problematic because she isn't Latina.

Thank you for pointing that out! You are correct in saying that, and we can now see it’s problematic. We’ll take down her bio and find a more appropriate FC for her like we’ve been trying to do with our other Emperor’s New Groove characters. At the moment, we’re looking into casting Peruvian actors since that’s where the heart of the Incan Empire was, so we would appreciate any suggestions you could give us! Again, we appreciate that you noticed our mistake and care enough to help us correct it!

Mod Clopin

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