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Created on: April 7th, 2012

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Jane Banks | Mary Poppins | 16 | Dictation in Human Resources | Elle Fanning | Open

"Is something s'posed to happen?"

Personality Traits:

(+) Positive: diplomatic, independent, keen.
(-) Negative: mischievous, risible, untidy.


Jane’s no doubt a very polite and well-raised girl, but she has an acuteness about her that makes her stand out from most other rich young girls. She doesn’t simply ride along, she likes to lead and find things out for herself. She’s rather inquisitive, and she occasionally leads her younger brother into trouble that she doesn’t mean to with this nature.

Jane grew up in a stately, but small home in London, England, on 17 Cherry Tree Lane, with her father, mother and younger brother. Her home life was orderly, yet still tinged with chaos. There was always something going on. Most days, she and her brother spent their time traipsing around with a nanny, her mother busy advocating for equal rights and her father working long hours in the bank.

Jane was never particularly fond of spending all their time with a cranky old woman who didn’t seem to care much for them. She’d much rather be with mother and father but it seemed like they rarely saw them other than breakfast and dinner. She also knew that her brother was unhappy with how little they saw their parents.

So Jane did the best she could to cheer the both of them up. Usually this entailed little pranks, like hiding their nanny’s spectacles, putting toads in her bed, and pepper in her tea. It made them feel a little better to know that as unhappy as they were with their nanny, their nanny was equally unhappy with them.

But things began to look up when yet another of their nannies quit. The new nanny their father hired was quite different from any other nanny they’d had. She was kind, witty, and very sweet, and to them, she seemed like magic.

What was even more shocking for them, was that their new nanny somehow managed to persuade their father to have an outing with them. An outing with father? That was unheard of to them. They’d never been anywhere with their father that wasn’t a formal occasion that they had to be on their best behaviour for.

Delighted, they agreed to go with their father, eager to spend some time with them. They however were unaware that the place their father was taking them was to the bank he worked at to open savings accounts. 

Her brother had brought with him money that he’d saved, intent on using it to feed the birds, and do something good with it. But their father was insistent on seeing it put away safely, to see Micahel’s affluence expand, and took it from him regardless, certain that Michael would agree with him once he realized he only wanted to see him succeed.

But neither Jane nor Michael realized that, and Michael got angry, telling his father’s boss to give him back his money. Humiliated, Mr. Banks raised his voice, and both of the children fled, afraid of the sudden anger their father was directing towards them.

They ran without stopping, passing through some of the grimmer parts of London, and in terror, ran for the first bright and happy area they saw, which just so happened to be the Disney Carnival.

Life Under the Big Top:

Jane was a bit sullen about the job that Scar found her at first, wanting some spectacular one, but she couldn’t complain, because he wasn’t sending them home to father, and she soon brightened up about it. She works for Hades, Yzma, and Roz in Human Resources, following them about with a notepad and writing down what they dictate to her. This can entail records, notes that they’d like Michael, another boy that’s not her brother, to deliver, and anything else they think of. Scar placed her here when he noticed that her hand-writing was very neat and she was capable of using words far past her age group. Jane does a good job with keeping Human Resources’ verbal records in tip-top shape.


Kin: Michael Banks.

Superior: Hades.

Colleagues: Hades, Michael Darling, Roz, Yzma.


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Thumper | Bambi | 21 | Petting Zoo | Hunter Parrish | Open

"That's why they call me Thumper!"

Personality Traits:

(+) Positive: amiable, endearing, enthusiastic.
(-) Negative: boisterous, disobedient, impulsive.


Thumper’s one of the easiest-going guys you’ll ever meet. He’s super friendly and laid-back, and is always cracking jokes and trying to make people laugh. The downside to his easy-going nature is that he has a tendency to not find problems with some of the things he says— he doesn’t mean them offensively, so he doesn’t think they’ll be taken offensively, and is surprised when they are. But even with an inclination towards putting his foot in his mouth he’s hardly anything but loveable.

Thumper grew up on the East Coast, in North Carolina, and with a lot of sisters. Five to be exact. When he was little, most of his time was occupied by trying to hide from them. It wasn’t that he didn’t love his sisters, but one can only play tea party and makeover with your younger sisters so many times before a break is needed. Unfortunately, they usually managed to find him and he’d get pulled into playing games with them that he didn’t really mind, but he’d played a thousand times before.

So whenever Thumper had the chance to make friends with kids his same age, he jumped at it. He could care less what you looked like, what you acted like— he might make a harmless comment about you— but in the end, what he really wanted to do was to be your friend. So he found himself making friends with other kids that most of his class didn’t care to make friends with. The misfits were the ones he bonded with the best, because they were just as happy to have friends and play with them as he was.

Thumper, for all his good nature though, was a rather lazy guy. He preferred things the easy way, and was quick to show when he disliked something. Even when he was eighteen, his mother still caught him scraping green beans off his plate to feed to the dog.

With his lax habits, and the fact that he spent more time goofing off with all the friends he’d made, it was unfortunately inevitable that Thumper failed his final exams in his senior year of high school. He hadn’t studied and had thought he could breeze by like he had in previous years. He was proven wrong, and while he was rather lackluster when it came to schoolwork, he did care about his grades, and about what his mother thought. Especially what his mother thought. He was a mama’s boy and didn’t want to disappoint her.

Instead of telling her he’d failed, he covered it up, told his mother that he didn’t want to walk for graduation, pretended his certificate had gotten lost in the mail, and dropped out of high school. He figured that he even though he’d failed his exams, he was still smart enough to get a good job, and he set out looking for one immediately, with a backpack of things on his shoulders and a promise to his mother to write back, and a promise to his sisters to send them trinkets every now and then.

Life Under the Big Top:

Finding a job was harder than Thumper thought. But he eventually managed to find one that would pay him minimum wage and that he didn’t hate, and that was good enough for him. His job is actually something he really enjoys, helping out at the petting zoo, and he thinks it’s something his sisters would enjoy if they were there. He mostly spends his time supervising the rabbits, because they’re a lot easier to watch than the goats— or the llamas.


Kin: N/a.

Superior: Hiccup.

Colleagues: Hiccup, Djali, Kuzco, Simba.


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