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Anonymous: hey this might be a lame question, but I was just wondering, how is this rp with lgbt characters? like is it ok if I had a character and played them as gay? my last rp group told me I couldn't play my character as lgbt so I was just trying to make sure that my new group is okay with it

Gonna have both mods answer this at once: 

Mod Clopin: In the last group I was in, my characters were actively bullied for not being heterosexual, and as someone who’s queer myself, I would never condone an environment where LGBTQIA+ characters aren’t included. We’re not perfect all-knowing people, but we can promise you that we do our best to make this environment a safe and hate-free space. We actually want this to be one of the few Disney groups that isn’t heteronormative or cisnormative, and we would adore seeing more LGBTQIA+ characters here. Whoever you pick up, you are totally welcome to make them whatever orientation you want them to be.

Mod Tia: It’s not lame at all, though I’m upset that you feel like you have to ask that question, not at you but at those who made you feel like you couldn’t have an LGBTQIA+ character. Because seriously, and yes, I am calling out, if anyone feels the need to police someone’s character about their sexuality or their ethnicity or their body size or their gender or anything like that, re-evaluate why you are a mod and why you think you need to be in charge of people to begin with. 

But to answer your question, we are more than delighted to hear that you want to play the character you want as gay, because we need more representation in all forms of media and we would love to see more queer characters in our RP.

We’re here to be a completely safe and hate free environment where we come together to write. Everyone is welcome, everyone is treated fairly, and there is no discrimination against anyone for whatever reason. And if something happens that makes you uncomfortable, we are more than happy to help take care of the problem, whether it’s something a player does (which, honestly, our players are the best so we don’t foresee this a problem but just in case) or if it’s something we, the mods do.

We’re very happy to hear about your interest in us and we hope to hear from you soon c:

Anonymous: would you ever consider changing peter pan's fc? I respect and love jake bass but ive found most of his gifs are gifs from his adult industry business

We would like to note that Jake Bass does have around 350 safe for work gifs, which is way more than some of the other FC’s we have here, like our Zazu, our Snow White, our Cheshire, our Nuka. We’ve updated his bio with more SFW gifhunts of him, but please note that we can also make more casual gifs of him if you really need them!

But the fact that he’s in the adult entertainment industry is one of the reasons that we don’t want to change his FC. Jake Bass is one of the biggest names in the same-sex adult entertainment industry, yet you never hear of him in the mainstream because of how our culture looks down on this type of work. That’s why we feel it’s important to include him, and any other adult entertainment workers that we can find that have SFW gifs. It feels silly to say that we can’t have an FC just because of the job they work. In regards to Jake Bass as Peter though, he was picked because of the resemblance and the playfulness of his gifs. We understand that some people may not want to go searching through adult gifs, but that’s why we did our best to find as many SFW gifhunts as we could. We hope you understand our reasoning.

Mod Clopin

Anonymous: would you ever consider making bios for studio ghibli movies like kikis delivery service and totoro since Disney owns that company?

Naturally! Another company and series of movies we love is Studio Ghibli and we’re looking for fcs for quite a few characters that do include Howl’s Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro (we have found some for some of the characters here,) Kiki’s Delivery Service, this list could keep going. 

If there’s characters you would like to see please tell us! We’ll work to finding them fcs and writing a good bio for them c:

-Mod Tia

Anonymous: hi! would you ever consider letting mulan be played at gender fluid?

Hello! We want to say thank you so much for asking this. The answer is definitely a yes! We would absolutely love to see Mulan played as genderfluid. We’re open to requests to change the gender identity of pretty much any character. We can’t always guarantee a yes but we can definitely tell you that we’d be super happy to see more non-binary and transgender characters around DDC. We’re working on adding them ourselves, but between filling requests and other duties, the going is slow. So in the meantime, requests like this can totally be made. If you’d like to come off anon to discuss this and any tweaks to possibly be made to Mulan’s bio or fc with us, we’d be more than happy to talk!

Mod Clopin

We’ve received an audition for Panic with a second choice of Tod! If you’d like to audition for either of these characters, please do so before Thursday, August 21st at 5:00pm Central!

Anonymous: Does the sampre para have to be really long? Or long?

As long as it’s three paragraphs, it can be as long as you like it to be! Or as short, as long as each paragraph has at least five sentences in them. 

But we don’t mind either way!

-Mod Tia

Anonymous: panic / hiccup / tod / esmeralda promps pls?

With any of those characters, you can do them with their life before the carnival or why they’re at the carnival. 

If they have siblings or friends or family in the carnival (like Panic, Tod, and Esmeralda do,) you can write how they interact with their connections in the RP. 

If they have an act like Esmeralda and Panic do, or operate a ride like Tod does, or work with animals like Hiccup does, you can write how they work their act or job. How do they work with their partners if they have any? Do they like their job? Do they have a favorite part or least favorite part of their job?

Panic does have his sister, Pain, in the Carnival, taken by a very lovely player: how does he feel about his sister? About them being in the carnival together? How does he feel about the people in the carnival? Does he like his job as a tumbler?

Hiccup is our head of animal handling. Does he have a routine with his job and if so what is it? Does he have a favorite animal he likes working with? Does he have a favorite animal act (or act in general?) 

Tod is an operator of the carousel. Does he want that job or does he have his eye on another? Does he still regret what happened between him and Copper? Does he miss his friend? 

Esmeralda also has Clopin already in the carnival, taken by another wonderful player. Does she enjoy spending time with Clopin? What does she do with him? How does this life compare to the one she had? Is she protective of people in the carnival? 

Is this too long? Probably. And it’s probably also late as well and I’m so sorry! But I hope this helps!

-Mod Tia

Anonymous: I'm not the original anon but a Ballerina bio would be awesome. Fantasia 2000 characters as a whole would be amazing to see.

We were talking about writing more Fantasia 2000 and the original Fantasia characters actually! So we’re glad to see that others want to see them too. We’ll get to them once we get some more of the bios we have to finish and write done. But if you want to see a character specifically, our ask box is always open! 

And, as always, to get a bio out faster, it’s best to message us off anon so we can talk with you about fcs and story. Of course, everything is messaged privately c:

-Mod Tia

Anonymous: because all jacub's blonde gifs are not usable, or at least it feels a bit odd (for me) to do so ((but then again, you could say "oh why are you lurking so much and not doing anything with your life" well, i'm weak and lame dear mod, weeeak and lame and i'm just eternally procrastinating))[now, i could write an application and submit it and get over with it but i prefer to procastinate, to delay even my own enjoyment][[i should really stop, this ask is getting out of hand]]-i'm the asa anon btw.

This is late and we apologize! 

When it comes to gifs of a character, most of the fcs you’ll find anywhere have gone through some changes through their career/life. Like, I play Tia Dalma with Kat Graham as her fc and for a while Kat was blonde as sunshine and obviously Tia isn’t supposed to be blonde. I also play Calhoun and my fc for her had red hair for a while and obviously Cal is supposed to be blonde.

But the thing is, when we use gifs in rping, it’s so we can easier convey what the character is saying/how they’re saying it. And in no way are we saying that this is what you’re saying, but just to continue what I just said: the fc is a face for the character we write, the character isn’t the fc. 

And we do really love Jakub as Panic but we can find a place for Asa if you like c: Just message us off anon and we’ll be happy to talk with you about a character and bio! And nothing will be published, it’ll be private messages =] 

But you’re a doll and so darling and we do hope that we get to see you in the RP soon if you want to join! 

-Mod Tia

The following roles have been reopened:

The following roles must become active again by August 20th, 5:00 P.M. Central Time, or else they are subject to removal:

  • Captain Amelia
  • Snow White

The following characters have exceeded their hiatus and have until August 20th, 5:00 P.M. to begin roleplaying again or to contact us and ask for an extension or else they will be put on the next removal watch.

  • Vanellope
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