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Created on: April 7th, 2012

Currently: in Oslo, Norway.

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Words. There were so many words around yet so few that he cared about. All he knew was that his father wasn’t happy - but was his father ever happy with him? Not at all. This was nothing new. Nothing new at all. And the screaming went on for seemingly hours, hours of hearing how worthless he was and how he would never be able to properly work on the farm. He was sick to death of it all and so when his father eventually calmed down, Hiccup grabbed his fur coat and left without a second thought, wrapping the furs firmly around himself to ward off the cold of the night that was soon approaching.

He walked without direction and eventually found himself in the fields with the sheep. Sitting down on the edge of the fields, he readjusted his coat once more and settled down, comforted somewhat by the peaceful bleating of the sheep. The night swiftly drew and in the darkness and the calm of it all, Hiccup found himself drifting to sleep. He was on the verge of sleep a few times, trying to force himself to stay awake and go home, when he eventually fell asleep surrounded by the sheep.

It must have been hours that he was asleep, but it felt like he had not slept in forever. When he was awoken by sounds he could not identify, it took him a minute or two to even place what year it was. He was utterly exhausted - his father was more draining than he could ever have imagined. He managed to stumble to his feet though, the bleating of the sheep registering in his brain that there was something going on. He tried calming them, but nothing would sooth the fear. 

Hiccup looked around wildly - a dog, a wolf? - he had no way of checking and he was right out here, vulnerable, with only a shitty knife for protection. He almost regretted leaving. Only almost. He continued to sooth the sheep as best and as quietly as he possibly could, drawing himself down even though he knew if it was something dangerous it had probably already seen him. But there were no natural preditors here, so it couldn’t be too dangerous, right?


There was no movements, no howling, nothing. It was fine. Perhaps just a dog that had gone by? Hiccup was soothed immediately, and seeing that there was nothing more he could do for the sheep, he turned to leave. Perhaps to get in front of the warm fire at home, and make himself some hot chocolate. He was freezing. As he turned, drawing his coat around him once more, his blood turned cold. The shape, the posture - it was a polar bear. He froze in his spot, chanting in his mind “Don’t move. Don’t move. Don’t move.” A mantra he swore by. His heart was thudding so loudly he was sure anyone within a 5 kilometre range would be able to hear it. He was certain the polar bear would smell his fear and charge.

But…it didn’t. It just reared back down and didn’t move. Hiccup visibly relaxed, his shoulders slumping and a small breath of relief falling from his frozen lips. Silence once more - the polar bear seemed to be leaving. It had decided he wasn’t a tasty enough dinner and neither were the sheep. Thank God! Hiccup slowly began to calm, his body began to work again. It was going to be fine. He would go home and all would be fine. 

Noise. Noise and light. Panic shot through Hiccup once more and he recognised the voices almost immediately. They were calling his name. He panicked and started waving his arms as subtly as he could. Don’t. Stop shouting. Stop waving the lights. Don’t shoot. But his father paid no attention, breaking the silence of the night once more with his loud bellow. The sheep bleated. His heart stopped.

A flash of white. All went black. 

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