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Created on: April 7th, 2012

Currently: in Oslo, Norway.

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Easy as that, three of Ronno’s knives hit the target board with each only an inch from hitting the girl strapped to the target. A proud smile curled his lips as the audience gasped in awe. He relished in their attention; the fact that he, alone, was the only knife thrower in the carnival. Oh, no, he wouldn’t be coming second place to anyone  e v e r  again.
This was his spotlight. All his.

Attempting to show off, he flung the last three knives in quick succession, the proud smile never leaving him.


The gasps ricocheting off the Big Top walls weren’t of awe this time; the sixth knife had caught the girl’s sleeve, nicking her arm slightly.

But before Ronno could let out a curse, an arrow pierced through the final target: the apple sitting atop the girl’s head, and the crowd cheered. Rage widening his eyes, he whirled around to face the archer standing behind him.
What was that?” Ronno challenged.
"I was trying to break the ice—"
"I told you: this is my spotlight.”

For a brief moment, Ronno’s rage disappeared and his eyes narrowed instead as he smiled cruelly. “Actually, it’s fine. Y’know, I usually save my boys, here, stab and jab for the final target. But,” Ronno hummed thoughtfully as his gaze drifted from the apple to the archer, his hand inching towards the knife table. ”I could always use them on you. Obviously, it’s not my fault you already took the last target. Poor you.” Mockingly, he pouted at the archer. Ronno turned his back on him to pick up Stab and watched the way his trusty knife reflected the circus light. “I mean, the show must go on, right?" Ronno looked over his shoulder with a devilish grin and a brow arched.

Before things could get out of hand, though, Ronno caught Scar observing amidst the crowd. Swallowing, he immediately drew his hand back. Although Ronno inflicted danger on others,

   he hated it being on him.

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